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Some examples of the difference we made . . .


Market Development
Led a software company in a strategic planning exercise (utilizing SWAT analyses) whose goal was to develop new product line extensions with first year targeted revenue of $5 million. Result: Identified a product that capitalized on firm's core strength yet opened a new market channel (client/server); exceeded competitors functionality while priced below by 30%; generated first year revenue of $7 million versus targeted $5 million.


Market Intelligence

Designed and  implemented a data warehouse/ marketing intelligence system fed by POS capture from each local store of a nationally famous Fast Food Chain. Capability provided real time marketing and promotional evaluations as well as support for financial analysis pricing sensitivities studies.


New Sales Culture
For a bank, launched a new branch sales culture (Cowen/Brown) for more than 5,000 sales employees with expected ROI to exceed 30% in the first 12 months of launch. Result: ROI = 60% in 6 months primarily due to increase in loan applications. In addition, from a change management perspective provided the field with a consistent performance measurement tool where there was none before.


Customer Service Reengineering
Led a BPR project for a bank's $20 million 400 agent
Call Center whose objective was to reduce abandon calls. Result: Decreased the call abandon rate from 20% to 5% in 6 months. Provided a change management plan focused on workflow improvements that would enable a reduction of staff by 25%.


Venture Startup Program Management

Key player in the startup of a Financial Services subsidiary for the 3rd largest U.S. underwriter of home/auto insurance. Emphasis was on Broker/Dealer Operations, that included Commission Accounting Software. Programmed managed the launch from “ground zero” to “opening day” in just three months, and whose goal is to generate $150 million in four months.

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